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Cleaning Recruitment Consultants London & Birmingham

ATL Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency providing cleaning operatives in London & Birmingham. All our candidates are well trained, experienced and can have a DBS Certificate if required.

Our experienced cleaning recruitment consultants will take the time to fully understand your specific requirements and tailor cleaning recruitment solutions to your needs.

We offer professional and talented candidates to a wide range of businesses looking to maintain a high standard of cleanliness on a permanent, part time or contract basis. We source the highest quality candidates through pre-selection and interview for the very best cleaning jobs available across sectors of the cleaning industry including:

Quality London & Birmingham Cleaning Staff company

Professional Recruitment Consultants for the Cleaning Sector

We are a solution driven recruitment company with the know-how and dedication to provide the results that both our clients and candidates across the cleaning sector have come to expect from us.

Our aim is to deliver an unrivalled service to both our candidates and clients, prioritising professionalism, and trust.

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Commercial Cleaning

  • Office Contract Cleaning
  • Commercial Contract Cleaning
  • Retail Contract Cleaning
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

DBS Certificate Cleaners

  • University and College Cleaning Staff
  • School and Nursery Cleaning Staff
  • Hospital Cleaning Staff

Hospitality & Leisure Cleaning

  • Restaurant and Bar Cleaning
  • Pubs and Food Service Venue Cleaning
  • Event Cleaning Services
  • Sporting Venues and Gym Cleaning

Interested in our services? Simply call 020 3150 3228 for a free quote

We place skilled professionals across a range of industry sectors

Established in 2015, ATL Recruitment, based in London & Birmingham, deliver agency staff in core sectors such as hospitality, catering, security, and cleaning. Our team offers high quality assistance, to provide the best solutions in the recruitment and employment sectors.


At ATL Recruitment, we aim to support and build a platform for our cleaning sector clients through their current and future business challenges and goals, supporting their business development via the growth of employment and improvement in the quality of their workforce.

We have built a team that are fully committed to creating simplicity as the common goal. We believe that caring about the development and success of an employee also contributes to the development of your company.

We understand that successful employee’s equal client satisfaction and that’s why we consistently strive to be the best in our division.

Interested in our services? Simply call 020 3150 3228 for a free quote