About Us

About ATL Recruitment

Established in 2015, ATL Recruitment, based in London, Reading, Birmingham, & Leeds, deliver agency staff in core sectors such as logistics, hospitality, chefs & retail.

Our team offers high quality assistance, to provide the best service in the recruitment and employment sectors.

It is our aim at ATL Recruitment to support and build a platform for our clients through their current and future business challenges and goals. We aim to support their business development via the growth of employment and improvement in the quality of their workforce.

We have built a team that are fully committed to creating simplicity as the common goal. We believe that caring about the development and success of an employee also contributes to development of your company. We understand that successful employees equal client satisfaction that’s why we consistently strive to be the best in our division.

Meet The Team

Managing Director - Sean Carberry

Accounts Manager - Sian Loveridge

Operations Director - Rhys O’Shea

Rhys O’Shea

Natalie Macdonald

Hannah Hester

Kirsty Walters

Sammie Balson

Leanne Scott

Dylan Brown

Nicola Luck

Adam Lyall